Aaron, Jennifer and family, with their new little Blue Merle AussieDoodle, Winnie.

“What can we say?  She is the most adorable little thing we have ever seen!  Our kids named her after mama (Winnie) since they have similar markings. She is so pretty!  She is a very sweet girl and we are so impressed with her!  We brought her home on Sunday with a short 2 hour ride to Bloomington Indiana.  She sat on our daughter’s lap and started to whine about half way home, we stopped, she pottied, and off we went.  Wow!  She also loves her crate and has been only whining for about 5 minutes at night and then she goes to sleep.  We’ve been getting up about once in the night…it’s not bad at all!!!  We’ve been practicing her waiting patiently for treats and we give her an A+.  Everyone that has stopped over to see her can’t believe she knows how to do this already!  We couldn’t be more happy with our decision to go with Awesomedoodle.  We just want to thank Tom for his love and passion for breeding healthy and happy Aussiedoodles!  So impressed with the entire experience!

Thank you again and we love our little Winnie.

Jennifer and Aaron




Winnie, the Blue Merle AussieDoodle at 7 weeks old


Winnie, at… 3 days old