Ellie is a permanent fixture in the family. And the neighborhood. We have regular daily visitors from around the block to see and play with her. Our routine: Ellie gets up about twice each night to go outside. Once around 1:00 am and again around 4:00 am. After both ventures outside, she comes back in and goes right back to sleep in her box (Crate). She has breakfast with our boys and then goes with me to take them to school. We come home, train and play with the stuffed squirrel, her favorite toy until she is ready for a nap. Lunch around noon, sometimes we walk about one mile into town for lunch, she is exhausted when we get home. School lets out and she is entertained till bedtime around 9:00

Ellie loves her squirrel and to play frisbee. She can’t catch it yet but she will go get it and bring it back (as long as it lands upside down, she hasn’t figured out how to turn it over). She sets perfectly, we are working on her setting immediately when I stop while on a walk. She’s abut 50% on that one. Yes we can tell when she needs to go outside. She goes crazy if we ignore her one bark or the bells on the back door. 
Ellie gets lots of compliments on the street. She is the softest dog I have ever rubbed. 
Ellie is very demonstrative when she is not happy with you. She won’t look at us (or whoever she is displeased with) for a few minutes. The last vet visit she loved the vet until the shots, then she wouldn’t let him pet or rub her. It was hilarious.
Thanks Courtney, Ellie is the best thing for our family and our boys. Please tell the entire AwesomeDoodle family how happy we and Ellie are.”

Ellie is a blue merle female AussieDoodle. She has that rare white collar. She will have a gorgeous white chest and great eye liner too.  Congratulations to John, Kendall, Aidan, and Trystan in Florida.

7 weeks old

6 weeks old


5 weeks old


4 weeks old


3 weeks old


2 weeks old