Betsy had her last puppy vaccination and weigh in, today Betsy weighs 13.6lbs, all legs. Our vet is so in love with Betsy, as she has raised Australian Sheppards, but, Betsy is her first Aussidoodle, she’s very curious.

Betsy has mastered potty training, we also have the nipping under control, sleeps through the night in her crate. I’m crushed that she prefers her crate to our bed, but, whatever makes Betsy Ross happy. Although, she does love a afternoon snuggle with her mom.
The joy this little girl gives us is endless!! Betsy is the smartest, most affectionate, well behaved puppy,  also, quite the comedian and trickster. I know you have heard all this before from each of the Awesomedoodle families. Thank goodness!
Betsy Ross is the perfect puppy for Jim and I, we are so in love. I tell myself that she reached out from that first picture and picked us not that we picked her. This was a match made in Heaven!!! 
Now that Betsy has had all her vaccinations we will be hitting the trails, lakes, oceans and mountains, Betsy has so much to explore!! The world is waiting for Betsy Ross.

Betsy is settling in with Jim and I perfectly, we love her so much. We are so proud of our little girl!! There hasn’t been not one accident and she slept through the night. She just loves to play with her favorite toy, Dolly, and snuggle with mom and dad. First dislike, wind. LOL .We’ll keep you posted.”

Betsy Ross is a sweet little tuxedo AussieDoodle. Look at this cutie! Congrats Jim and Shauna in Canada.

7 weeks old


6 weeks old


5 weeks old


4 weeks old


3 weeks old


2 weeks old