Harley is doing wonderful! He is so smart and it is really fun training him! My older dog is also benefiting from the training!! We are getting into a routine and he is feeling like a part of our family! He made a friend across the street yesterday. A golden retriever named Shotzy. They had the best time running. It was a lot of fun to watch! Puppy classes are going well and so it potty training. He is ringing the bells on the back door! Makes me very happy ! Harley really is special and we love him a lot!”

He’s as cute as his name. With all that white on his face and legs, he’s going to be a knock out. He is a red bi-color and will look a lot like Brady. At 6 days old he is 19.8oz. ┬áCongratulations to Danette, Steven, Samantha, and Stephanie in Florida.

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