“It’s going well, and I really mean well.  Oswin loves everyone and is eager to greet new people.  He has attended his first puppy training class and really did good.  He is socializing with new puppies.  He had been socializing with mature dogs and did well and learned. He goes to his crate, is walking on the leash in the yard and on the sidewalk.  Housebreaking is going very well.  The crate training has that housebreaking advantage.   He plays fetch, brings the ball back near – we’re getting there.  The article about frisbee training is helpful and should be a great transition.

I do have to tell you that Oswin doesn’t meet strangers.  He’s such a lovable Oswin and is desired everywhere he goes.  He is doing well in the puppy training classes.  Of course, he’s a STAR:)
Oswin is an absolutely treasure.”

Oswin is a toy size red tux male aussiedoodle. He is so adorable and his fur is so silky! It looks like he might have a little white patch on his chin. We think he will look like a smaller version of Farnsley as he gets fluffy, just without the white chest markings. So cute! Congrats to Patience and Leroy in Maryland on this little sweet boy.

7 weeks old

6 weeks old


5 weeks old

4 weeks old


3 weeks old


2 weeks old