“6 days later we feel as if we have loved him for years. He is such a good boy!
He is about 80% using the wee pads- we heavy treat train when he goes #1 & #2. Every night when we go up to bed- we have a little playtime, then when he is tired he walks into his kennel and falls right to sleep with he door open. Such a good boy!
He is eating his kibble much better and growing right before our eyes.
We do training multiple times a day and using the clicker. Tonight Rafael did the clicker and he sat his butt down so fast you would have chuckled… he was ready for that next treat!
I’ll send better picks in a couple days. He is hard to photograph moving around so quick… little maniac!

Thanks for sending us our little saint! He sends his love… woof woof”
Cherina, Rafael, & Family

Santi has gone home with Cherina and Rafael to Oregon State. We can’t wait to see how he matures.


Santi at 10 weeks old, loving his new furever home.


Santi at 8 weeks old, with Kendall.



6 weeks old.



5 weeks old

Santi at 4 weeks old

4 weeks old.

Santi at 3.5 weeks old.

Santi at 3.5 weeks old.



2 weeks old



one week old.

9 hours old.