“Rusti has adjusted extremely well & a lot quicker than we thought she would!!  She has the “Go Potty” down Perfectly & has only had 2-  #2 accidents in the house.  She responds pretty good to “Rusti Come” even when she is distracted by blowing leaves :)

She goes & naps on her own in her crates & is still sleeping 7 to 7-1/2 hours at night:)  (Makes her Momma really happy!)  She also goes into her crate with the command “Get in your crate” & with no whimpering when I close & lock the door.
She is eating her puppy “kibble’ very regularly now about 3-4 times a day & now will eat on a plate:) instead of the floor.
Rusti attended our son’s baby shower on Saturday :) & had PERFECT MANNERS!!  Lots of different people & children – we were very Proud of her!!  She also accompanied her Momma to the nail salon & had perfect manners again!!
She travels with me whenever I can take her where other dogs do not go and Always behaves perfectly!! 
She is fine with her collar & only took 1 day to accept.  We are working on “the leash” so when she gets her 2nd round of shots next week we can “hit the road” walking.  Everyone at our vet loves her too!!
We are SOOOOO IN LOVE with that little pup!!!  She is becoming busier & busier & explores wherever she can.  She is very funny:) & LOVES All her toys.  She loves to look out from the sun room onto the deck & watch the birds hopping around.  She loves to run around our big back yard, which is great to expel some of her energy.  We do this as often as we can & that is usually 5-6 times a day for at least 20-30 minutes at a time.
She is by far ‘one’ of the smartest pups we have had in a while.  It’s fun to see her respond to training.  We are also trying to work on “Leave It”, but she is not as good at that yet – She will soon I am sure:)
SHE REALLY IS AN AWESOME DOODLE & “OUR LITTLE BUDDY”.  WE do love her very much & she Love us too:)”

“We couldn’t be happier with Rusti!! She is so smart & ‘catches on’ very quick!!  No accidents(yet) & We cant believe how well she slept in her crate last night!!!! Unbelievable- 6-1/2 hours & Jim woke her up!  She only cried for 12 minutes! She IS A DOLL!
She met all our family unit yesterday- and handled it beautifully.  I still cant believe how quickly she has ’taken’ to us & is very well behaved, comfortable , spunky & playful.  We will see our vet on Tuesday.  She IS a velcro pup for sure – she follows me everywhere:)”

Rusti is a rare red sable female AussieDoodle puppy. She is a doll with lots of variations in her coat. She may have the merle gene but we will see as she grows.

Congrats to Jamie and Jim on this sweet girl. Look at that face!

7 weeks old

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