I wanted to let you know his first day here was incredible.  We met the flight nanny at the airport, the transition was smooth.  Ozzie rode home in my daughter’s lap for 45 minutes and he was a great sport!  

I took him to the vet and while he was in the car he sat in his puppy bed in the passenger seat.  We set up a play pen where he played with his toys and took them into his crate.  He loves his crate already! He sits to go out the door  (I wasn’t expecting that!), sits when someone comes up to see him, and sits when asked.  
Just going to say, we fell in love the first minute we saw him! Thank you!”

Oswald is a chocolate male aussiedoodle.  Look at that face – what a cutie!  We think he will look like Penelope or Aria as he grows. Congrats to Kristen & Dave in Illinois!

7 weeks old

6 weeks old