“He is doing great! He is getting along well with the pugs. He respects Taffy but just loves Twinkie. She is his tolerant playmate. He has learned all about the more serious business of yard patrol from Taffy. We have had several snow storms here and he LOVES the snow. Potty training is going well and he learned to ring the bell already to go out. I am amazed at his intelligence. He fetches, he sits and I often find him in his toy box. 

We are all enjoying him so much. Please pass on to  Morgan that she did a wonderful job raising Tucker. He is a smart snuggle bug.”

Tucker is a tuxedo AussieDoodle with copper on his legs. He has a nike “swoosh” on his chest. We expect his copper will come out more as he matures. He will look like Oscar but add a hint of copper.  Congratulations to Heather and James.

5 weeks old




2 weeks old