“I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for providing the cutest, most loving, and incredibly smart puppy I have ever met! Oliver is doing great. He has picked up pretty quickly where he is supposed to go to the bathroom and we have been working on our basic training (He really likes the “dont look at treats” move and dramatically looks away from my hand), and his mouthy-ness. We haven’t quite had a full night of sleep, but I think we’re getting there. He’s a big hit with everyone he meets, and loves to walk right between my feet.”
Update at 4 month old:
Oliver has been keeping me busy!
He’s excellent, an absolute joy. His favorite things include playing in any form of water (including his water bowl), tug of war, playing with his friends in the park, going on car rides, shoes and socks that get left on the floor for more than 5 seconds, and when i let him sleep in on the weekends and snuggle in bed. His dislikes: me leaving for work in the morning, or trying to clean his ears and eyes (thank goodness for the groomer!). But other than that, he’s a doll and I cant imagine not having him!
Oliver gets more socialization than I thought even possible. Thursday is his last week of puppy kindergarten, then we enroll in a puppy obedience class. But every day (sometimes 2-3 times a day) he gets to play with neighborhood puppies in the little metropolitan park by my apartment. I knew I was moving into a dog friendly area, but it’s crazy how many dogs and new puppies live by us! Everyone’s pups are very well behaved (at least the ones actually playing in the park), and I think it’s done loads for Oliver to get to play with dogs of all sizes and ages, in an environment where everyone is friendly and no one has an aggressive dog. Everyone tends to take their pups out around the same time so it’s rare we’re out there without one of his friends.
What are some ways he’s super smart? Where do I even begin?! You weren’t joking with the “offering” behavior warning. Sometimes I think he puts his feet up on the coffee table just because he knows once he gets “off” he’ll get a treat. He may not fully 100% understand the command sit, but you put your right hand up like you have a treat and he sits his butt right down. We have been treating him when he’s doing something he doesn’t like, to get him to like it? (like in his travel crate, at puppy kindergarten when play time is over, coming to me in the park) Even if you have the most delicious treats on the planet (he’s a big fan of smelly hot dogs) he wont take the treats because he knows what you’re trying to do, and whatever you’re trying to get him to do he doesn’t want to do it! Though he always caves eventually.
I’d say his training is going very well as well. As I said, he doesn’t fully understand the command sit, but is constantly sitting and waiting for treats, and almost always sits as soon as that hand goes up. Same with “Oliver come,” he’s phenomenal at it when we’re in the apartment, no matter what room I’m in, and is doing a pretty good job when we’re at the park around distractions. Stay, leave it, and drop it (in exchange for a treat) are all going pretty well as well. And I’d say at this point he’s about 98% house broken. Almost every time he marches over to my balcony and waits for me to open the door for him. Unfortunately, he makes no noise and prefers to play with the potty door bells rather than use them to go out, so there are still some accidents. 
Thanks again for my amazing best friend!!
Ariel and Oliver

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