Dawson, otherwise known as Dawson Doodle, has blossomed into a confident, devoted, loyal, easy going, and playful AussieDoodle. We are a family of 3, yet we all love him so much and he has his own, unique relationship with each of us.
When we walk on trails or in town, frequent comments are “how is your puppy so well trained?” and “he is just soooo cute”. The most common remark we get from our friends is that he is “the most calm and well mannered puppy they have known.” Our family would agree. What has been the most exciting surprise for our family, is how he has acclimated seamlessly to our travel lifestyle! Dawson flew on 18 airplanes and has been to Mexico 3 times by the time he was 12 months. He sees the travel bag or suitcases and appears to get excited and even jumps into his carrier.
We keep Dawson active and stimulated daily, which I think has helped tremendously. He sleeps throughout the night. We start the morning off with a 2 mile walk. Mid-day, he then gets play time with a toy or ball or another dog for about an hour. In the afternoons, he either swims in the river, lake, or ocean or we take him on jogs or hikes with us. Otherwise, he is curled up on his dog bed and snoozing or lounging right next to my son playing legos, or following us around the vineyard.
Other interesting facts about Dawson Doodle are he is being trained as a therapy dog and comes to work with me 1 day a week in my psychological private practice. Sticking with consistent training has been the best reward for all of us. We use daily interactions with him as opportunity for training – and boy has it paid off! Around 11 months is when Dawson truly 100% of the time followed all the commands, including being able to walk with me off leash for over 2 miles. His blue eyes and steady eye contact melt our heart, his stealing my son’s stuffed animals when he thinks we are not watching is hilarious, and his deep loyalty to us remains remarkable. -Laura

Dawson is an apricot bi color male aussiedoodle. He has white markings on his face and maybe some coming out on his chest too. He is so handsome! We think he will look like Pippa, but with a little bit less white. Congratulations to Laura and Brad in California.


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7 weeks old

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