“Moose is THE most wonderful dog! He is so so tender and loving but w moxie! He plays with muffin – his best friend so well and so much, yet still so much “ my boy”  … not sure if Maddie has a low pain tolerance , but Moose sure does! It’s cute.  He actually hates going in the pool. I took him a couple times and walked around and he just clung  to me.  

I just can’t tell you how endearing he is. I love him absolutely !!”

Moose is following my goldendoodle out the dog door to go potty ! I go and encourage though.  He didn’t cry last night when I put him in kennel to bed and slept all the night again ! Yay! 
He’s bonding with us nicely . I take him everywhere it’s ok to – so he’s meeting lots of people . He’s meeting all the neighbor dogs too. That’s going well.  I hold him for that or he stays by my legs. “

Moose is a tuxedo AussieDoodle with hints of copper in his coat. He’s such a sweet boy. We can’t wait to see how he grows up.  Congratulations to Angie and Morris in Texas.