After searching for months, former Miss ND USA, Jaci Stofferahn came to AwesomeDoodle for the new love of her life, little Sully, the toy size AussieDoodle puppy. She lurked our website for days after she found us, then she started emailing us. After several emails and a phone call, Jaci had signed up for an AwesomeDoodle.

And the wait was on. Jaci wanted a toy size AussieDoodle, under 10lbs. Jaci put her trust in little 9.5lb Gracie, who was planned to have her litter in winter of 2017/18. Jaci had several months to browse our website, however we found out she was quite infatuated with AwesomeDoodle. And then the day came when those little AussieDoodles were born. A week later, Jaci and her Husband Kolt, had picked their new toy size Aussie Doodle Puppy, and named him Sully.

“The reason I chose AwesomeDoodle for my new little AussieDoodle puppy wasn’t just because they have pretty puppies. In fact, when I signed up, my puppy wasn’t even born yet. I chose AwesomeDoodle after I studied their website, and saw how much time and energy they put into their puppies. AwesomeDoodle offers a unique experience, allowing you to know exactly¬†¬†how and where you puppy is being raised. I valued having a relationship with the people raising my puppy. Not only did I get that, I got to SEE my puppy being raised, and bond with my aussiedoodle before I even met it; I watched him every day on the puppy cam. I saw everything. I saw Tom, Diane, & Morgan getting in the puppy box – petting him and loving on him. I saw how he played with his litter mates. I felt like I knew him so entirely before I even held him or brought him home. There’s no other breeder doing anything like this. We’re hooked.”