“She was perfection from beginning to end of trip home. Tolerated plane and auto travel like a pro! She does really well in her carrier, which I use to take her in the car at this point because she is too small for her harness and car seat. 

She would be content to have me carry her around most of the day… She does her business outside well, squats immediately after I say”go potty”. She does love people. Her little tail wags like crazy when she meets someone new. I have taken to calling her my “chocolate cream puff”. As I was going upstairs the next day all of the sudden this little puff ball is hopping along side of me like stairs we no big deal. She may be small but she is fast!!. I think she may be an agility dog.”
“I preferred to pick up my puppy myself and take her home the same day via airplane travel. Tom could not have made it easier! When I let him know of my plan, he told me he would  pick me up from the airport and take us back at flight time. He also offered to order the carrier so I would not have to bring it with me. Talk about sweet Aussies, as soon as I got in the car Winnie slathered me with kisses. I spent time with Tom, Winnie, Mini poochie and the other puppies who were waiting to go home. I even got to meet Easton’s parents! Travel with Aria could not have gone better. She slept pretty much the whole time through air and car travel like a pro! Petting her behind her ears and talking softly to her as she fell asleep helped her stay relaxed before we boarded the plane. I also offered her small sips of water since it would be a while before she would be able to potty. Really a great experience, Thanks AwesomeDoodle.”

Aria the at one year old.

aussiedoodle_therapy_dogAria is a future therapy dog. Here she is at work, giving love to the Patient and Family Support services for her Hospice center. Kathleen is head over heels about Aria.



Aria at 5 months old.

AussieDoodleAria1Aria, the red bi Mini AussieDoodle Puppy at 7 weeks old.



Aria, the red AussieDoodle Puppy at 7 weeks old.