“Just wanted to let you know Leo is doing so awesome. He is the sweetest, smartest puppy. But I’m sure you hear that about EVERY one of your puppies!! He did unbelievably amazing on the flight home (I was a little nervous bc I’ve never flown w a pet before and wasn’t sure how he’d do!) But then we still had a 5 hour drive! He was a little more subdued the next two days but he also went to the vet, two different dog stores, through a car wash and met LOTS of people. And that was just the first day! We then went up to my parent’s farm and had lots more new experiences and new people. (But only in a very small space outside so he wouldn’t catch anything bad). 

The third day he woke up and the real puppy came out! He loves to play hard but then he crashes! He has slept in his kennel by one of our beds every night so far with NO crying!! Maybe one trip out to pee. House training is going really well. Accidents are our fault but very few. He already is quite consistent at coming when called and sitting quietly at your feet. He knows sit, down (sometimes forgets and we have to gesture a time or two but then remembers the down command), come and is doing really well at get in your house (kennel). He was chasing a ball but just tonight he started playing fetch with a rubber chicken toy and brings it back to be thrown again!! And this is all at 9.5 weeks and we’ve only had him since midnight on Friday!! Truly amazing. We haven’t started the leash training quite yet—planning on it over the next couple days. He has so much fun just playing and exploring in the yard. He just does somersaults and flips and is hysterical. He knows “inside” and “outside” and can even manage the regular size steps up my deck (about 6) with a little bit of a running start. Very smart, agile and frisky little guy. We just adore him and can’t wait for all the future holds with him. We have a private training lesson set up for Friday just to get him started before he the real puppy classes. 
Thanks again for letting us be Leo’s family and all the support. It’s just been such a great experience! “

Leo is a dark blue merle AussieDoodle male.  He has white tips on his paws and a cute white patch on his chest too.  He is stunning. He has black eyeliner and bronze tones which will both come out more as he grows. Congrats to Carolyn & family in Iowa!

7 weeks old


6 weeks old


5 weeks old


4 weeks old


3 weeks old


2 weeks old