“We are doing great! The ride home went really smooth. Wally slept for most of the way and didn’t have any accidents or car sickness, easy peasy! 

The first night was a little rough. We followed all the night crate suggestions, but didn’t get much sleep. Poor little guy was just out of his normal routine. Throughout the week he has been improving on sleep, we got 6 straight hours last night!! Mom and Dad are much happier now :)

The first time we tried the play pen, he climbed right out. We rearranged a bit and he has been doing much better. 
For socializing, we are taking is slow and listening to him. He has met our closest friends and a few coworkers. Each time he warms up to them a little more. We have gone to Petco twice, but have carried him through the store like your recommendations. We took a bath, a few car rides. This weekend he is going to meet his cousin dogs and my family. We are excited and the articles are so helpful! 
Training has been beyond easy. He can sit and come. We are working on not jumping and will start lease training next week.
We went to the vet on Monday. He had a perfect bill of health and the ladies gave him lots of love. He has his next round of shots Wednesday morning. 
Overall we are so in love with him!!!”

Walter “Wally” is a blue merle male aussiedoodle with copper. We think he might look like Bruno or Kinley. Congratulations to Zach and Christina in Kansas.

full grown aussiedoodle full grown aussiepoo

6 weeks old


5 weeks old


4 weeks old


3 weeks old


2 weeks old