“We love our Max! He is smart, loving, FULL of energy and so cute.

Max has 2 speeds:  0 or 100.  At 11 weeks there is nothing in between.  He is doing great on his leash and loves playing in the backyard. He also likes coming to work with me; the staff at my office adore him.  He sits and lays down on command, and is getting better at fetch all the time.
Tom let us know that Max did not like to be contained or left alone for even for a minute.  He even shared a video of Max crying and barking!  Tom also gave us some strategies to deal with Max’s separation anxiety.  The first night home, we put Max in his crate in our room.  He cried literally all night.  The second night we moved him to his crate in the kitchen so we could sleep  It took about a week, but every night got better.  Now, Max goes right in the crate at night, wakes up for one potty break and otherwise sleeps straight through the night.  He has also learned that when we leave the room we are coming back.  
Max starts puppy training next week.  We can’t wait to continue to challenge him and to see what he will learn next. He has an important job in front of him — bringing love and comfort to hospice patients.  Thank you, Awesomedoodle, for giving Max such a great start!”
“Max has learned the difference in the kind of shoes JD puts on and what kind of walk he is getting.  Running shoes means a quick sprint around the neighborhood and he loves that.  But, when JD puts on his hiking boots, Max goes crazy.  He knows that means they are going for a long hike in the woods. So smart.”


UPDATE from LAURA at 10 months old:

“10 month old Max and our new dog, Callie, get along great.  There is no aggression, even over food.  They play together, walk on a leash together, they are pals.
Last night, we gave them both a new bone in the basement while we were watching TV.  Max decided he wanted Callie’s bone, so he stalked her.  Watching her, waiting for his chance to swoop and get her bone.  She never let that happen. 
Finally, Max went upstairs, rang the bell on the door and waited patiently. My Husband got up, called Callie and headed up to let them both outside.  Callie went out the door first, and at that moment, Max ran downstairs to get her bone.  He figured out a way to get it!”



Max at 7 weeks old.