Maddie is a black and white AussieDoodle with lots of white and a white collar. What a doll.

“We adopted our previous two dogs from a local rescue group, so deciding to find a puppy from a breeder was a new experience for us. We spent a couple months comparing different doodle breeders before we finally put our names on the list for an Awesome Doodle puppy. But we’re so glad we did our homework, endured the wait, and found such an amazing group of people and dogs. From the time we selected Maddie as a one-week-old puppy to weekly photos and 24/7 Puppy Cam, picking her up in Dallas and meeting Natalie, and all the support from Courtney and Tom along the way – it’s been incredible. I also love keeping up with Maddie’s litter mates and their owners on the Facebook page. And wow… Bow-wow-za! Maddie has rocked our world. We think she’s the cutest and smartest pup around! Sometimes, a little too smart for her own good.”

Facts about Maddie ⇓⇓

Litter: Patches x Cash

Born: August 2017

Weight: 30 pounds, but she claims it’s mostly fluff

Personality: sassy, playful, friendly

Energy level: non-stop go, go, go

Potty training: a very long and agonizing 5 months

Biting and nipping: also, a very long and agonizing 5 months

Crate training: easy, breezy (as long as there’s a stuffed Kong and it’s a soft crate)

Inappropriate chewing: a single, one-time offense with what was an entirely inferior and unsuitable dog bed (Maddie prefers Pendleton)

Jumping and digging: um… still a wee bit of an issue

Solid commands: sit, down, stay, wait, let’s go, drop it, leave it.

Still a work in progress, in the face of distractions: come when called, off

A typical day in the life of Maddie:

  • 5:30-6am – Let’s get up! It’s time for morning potty and then breakfast!
  • 7am – First morning walk down the block and back, purely for the fun of it.
  • Crate time and a short morning snooze.
  • 9 or 10am – It’s time for a longer walk and potty. Gotta go, gotta go.
  • Sundays at 11am – Group training class with our favorite trainer, Katie! We started in Puppy Kindergarten at 10 weeks old and have continued onward and upward.
  • Afternoon playtime and some training practice. Frisbee or fetch in the backyard. About every-other day we go to the dog park to see our regular buddies.  Weekends are for fun family activities like canoeing or shopping around town!
  • 5pm – Dinner time followed by a long walk and potty.
  • Evening playtime (usually toy box fun)
  • 8pm – Evening walk is a must-do. No excuses.

Maddie loves: all people everywhere; most other dogs, especially Doodles; playing fetch and frisbee; zooming around the yard; playing in and around water; dog toys with the loudest most annoying squeaky sound possible; any and all treats (current favorites are Ziwi dried Lamb and tiny bits of real cheese); bully sticks (a 12” braid is usually demolished in under 30 minutes); belly rubs; being close to the family at all times!

Maddie’s dislikes: there’s a certain very pushy Beagle at the dog park, but we won’t name names; being quiet in puppy class when we’d rather be playing with the other dogs; walking toward the car and getting into the car (once inside the car, it’s all good); and last but not least, regular at-home grooming and brushing teeth are a necessary evil.

– Lee and Eric in Texas.


8 weeks old

6.5 weeks old


5 weeks old


4 weeks old


3 weeks old


2 weeks old

1 week old