“Thanks so much for all the useful info! Pickup went great, it was so fun to meet Marc and Michelle! And willow too of course. She’s such a lovely dog, so affectionate and friendly! And of course we are so much in love with Penny already. She seems to be bonding to me already and is snoozing in my lap. She was chewing a little on the couple of toys I brought so I’m guessing she’s pretty comfortable and relaxed. I can tell she has some spunk, but loves to snuggle too. She is even looking me right in my eyes and holding eye contact which is lovely! “

Penny is a tuxedo aussiedoodle. She is so cute and has a long stripe or an “i” on her chest.  Congratulations to Lauren and Will in Alabama.



7 weeks old


6 weeks old



4 weeks old

3 weeks old


2 weeks old