“She’s an ace at sitting and waiting her turn for treats on her first day home! She’s really doing great. She waits her turn and she stays sitting the whole time now, even while the other dogs are getting their treats and jumping around.”

Juno is a blue merle and she looks (and acts) a lot like a puppy named Thunda, from our previous litter. She is very outgoing and doesn’t know the word “SHY”. She is a tiny bit bigger than the rest of her litter. We expect the litter to end up in the 30-40lb range, and she may be in the 35-40lb range. Not only is she the most outgoing, she is quite demanding of our attention already. She likes to be doing SOMETHING or being loved on, all the time. She has an amazing fluffy coat and we expect her to be VERY low shedding.

Congrats to Amy and her family.


Juno the blue merle female AussieDoodle at 8 weeks old, posing for a photo with her new big sister.