What was your experience like finding AwesomeDoodle?
Once I knew I wanted an aussie doodle, I did a google search for breeders. When your website popped up, I knew I had found the right place. Awesome Doodle clearly loves their dogs, doesn’t overbreed and all the pups grow up in peoples homes/kitchens/yards etc. The care you put in to selecting good homes also shows how important these dogs are to you. I love that it isn’t just a money making endeavor, but you truly strive to breed high quality pups. These become members of our families and it is very important that they are physically healthy and mentally stable!
What was your experience like once you signed up and then chose a puppy?
Signing up for a pup was the easy part!! A refundable deposit it basically unheard of in the puppy world. Everyone I talked to about it was surprised it was refundable. That was another confirmation of a quality breeder. More interested in uniting families and dogs, than making money. I was able to select gender, color, and approximate size. Of course, depending on what you want the wait can be long or short. For me it was about 4.5 months. And then the long awaited text came….it was my time to select a pup. Oh my goodness, how can you chose? They are all so cute! But after looking all the pups and their photos over and over again, the decision was made. Thats when the REAL waiting started. I LOVED the puppy cam, I was ADDICTED to the puppy cam. My extended family and even some of my coworkers were addicted to the puppy cam. My sister would randomly text me, ‘are you watching Kinley?? Did you just see what he did?’ WARNING: you become less productive during puppy week 1 and 5, guaranteed! Before you ever actually meet your pup, you feel like they are already a part of the family. It got a little harder from week 5-8 as they were out romping about and not available for viewing 24/7. The weekly photo shoots helped immensely. That is when they really start to change and grow. It was fun to get the updated pictures.
Tell us about Kinley already! ;)
Kinley is a rockstar. He has been amazingly easy to train. Thanks to all the training videos AD provides I was ready. We had a basket full of toys, 2 kennels (1 beside my bed and 1 in the kitchen), puppy treats for training, and bells for the outside door. Within 2 weeks, Kinley was potty trained. He would go to the door and bump the bells to be let out. Those first 2 weeks, he did often pee in the kitchen, but he never poo’ed inside. We were pretty faithful to take him outside FREQUENTLY, so he didn’t have the chance. When he did occasionally pee, we immediately cleaned it up with the recommended enzymatic cleaner to rid the floor of any smells.
I remember Tom stressing that if you don’t want your dog to do a particular behavior to never let them do it, not even once. So in the first few weeks, we were hyper vigilant with the potty training and I think it paid off. These pups are so smart, they remember everything!
Kinley is a true lover boy. He knows no stranger and thinks every dog/cat wants to be his pal. He is kind, sweet and smart. In the evening he thinks he is a lap dog. Kinley loves to go for car rides, even if it doesn’t mean he gets to go somewhere fun. He loves to go hiking. He is pretty much happy doing whatever we are doing. He seems to know when to ‘hang out and be chill’, or run around the back yard with my youngest son. He loves to hike and explore the mountains. He rolls around on the tundra and growls at nothing. :) He is a goofy, happy, sweet boy! We couldn’t love him any more.

Kinley is a high contrast blue merle male AussieDoodle with intense copper, eye mask like momma, and a little white.

Congratulations to Linda in Alaska.

7 weeks old


6 weeks old


5 weeks old

4 weeks old


3 weeks old


2 weeks old