Moo is doing fantastic and is such a good-natured pup. It’s hard to walk him because he wants to say hi to everyone he passes. He finished his shots this weekend and we have been socializing him a lot more now that he has his full immunity. He is super sweet with strangers/kids and dogs of all sizes! It’s quite funny how sensitive he is. He is absolutely rambunctious with bigger and more playful dogs (his “Moo-cifer” alter ego), but becomes much calmer and gives space to older, smaller dogs. We are excited for him to start going to doggie day camp!

We are still working on nailing his commands and loose leash walking. We live in a busy city and he isn’t afraid of any sights or sounds to a point that he likes to pull on his lead and sniffs EVERYTHING. We are doing a training intensive later this month and now that we can walk him more, hopefully this will improve.

We love him so!!! Thank you to you and Tom! — Melissa


Moonakis (AKA Moo) is a beautiful Phantom Blue Merle Male. The “phantom” means he has the big bold (non fading) copper that we only get from Humphrey puppies.  He will look like Rusty when he gets bigger. He has white on his chest and a sliver of white on his nose and head. Congratulations to Doug & Melissa for this sweet lil nugget!

7 weeks old


6 weeks old

5 weeks old


4 weeks old


3 weeks old


2 weeks old


1 week old