Farnsley is a red tuxedo and his color is just gorgeous. We love this little guy and his cute little white toes on his back paws.   Congratulations to Jenny and Whitt in Alabama.
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What was your experience like finding AwesomeDoodle?
Our family had a dog for 13 years and after she passed away, our house felt so empty without a dog. My children (ages 11 & 9) had never known life without a dog and did not like it! I really did not want a dog that shed much so I started looking at doodles. I was very reluctant about buying a dog through the internet, simply because you don’t know who you are dealing with. During my web searches, I came upon the AwesomeDoodle website. I had never heard of an aussiedoodle. I started reading the information on the website and quickly realized this would be a great dog for our family! I sent the first email and quickly heard back from Cheryl with even more helpful information! From the time that I sent the first email, everyone was SO wonderful to respond quickly to any questions/concerns that I had. Throughout all of the communication with the staff at AwesomeDoodle, I quickly felt like these people were my friends and most importantly, had the dogs best interest in mind! I loved opening my email and finding an email from AwesomeDoodle (and still do)!
What was your experience like once you signed up and then chose a puppy?brown aussie poo
We signed all of the paperwork in the middle of February and I became a little obsessive about looking at the website every day!  I watched puppy cams, read all the information I could read, tried to decide on a color and patiently waited.  On March 6th, I was waiting on my car to be serviced and surprisingly got “THE CALL”!  To say I was shocked was an understatement, it happened so quickly.  Jaci sent me a picture of the cutest little brown dog that was on the available list.  I talked to my husband and we decided that we just weren’t quite ready yet.  We were not expecting this to happen so soon.  Not quite a week later, I was still stalking the website and that cute little brown dog was still available…HOW?  I just couldn’t let him go!  I emailed Jaci immediately and said we wanted him!  From that point on, I got emails explaining what I needed to purchase, training videos and tips, and lots of cute weekly pictures and a video.  I wanted to surprise my children so it was extremely difficult not showing them all of the cute pictures.  I watched the puppy cam way more than I am willing to admit!  The wonderful staff at AwesomeDoodle helped me and my husband pull off the surprise of getting Farnsley on Easter morning!  My family drove to Louisville and got to meet Diane, Morgan and Tom.  According to my kids, this was the best day ever!  It was wonderful getting to meet all of them and see Farnsley with his litter mates.  Farnsley was the name given to him and that is the name that my children wanted to keep.  Once we got home with him we continued to receive emails checking in and providing resources for us.  It was great knowing that as new puppy parents, we had access to so much information and someone to answer questions for us so readily available!  All the way around, it was a wonderful, smooth experience that I would happily go through again as well as recommend to someone else looking for an aussiedoodle!
Tell us about that sweet Farnsley! 
Farnsley is a sweet yet wild and rambunctious boy that requires lots of exercise.  Puppy crazy time is real!  He enjoys going on walks and playing with other dogs.  He loves playing with his brother and sister and misses them when they are at school.  Most toys do not stand a chance with Farnsley, he can tear a toy apart in record time!  Bully sticks and sticks are a favorite to chew on.  He is also quite the sock thief!  He is not big on cuddling or laying on his bed but loves laying on top of the air vents in the floor!  He seems to always be hot and that is the perfect solution to stay cool.   It has been so hot and humid in the South that we have only been hiking one time but he loved it!  Unfortunately, he does not love the car, he gets car sick but seems to be doing better.  This will help us be able to take more adventures!  Farnsley loves attention and thinks everyone is his friend.  His favorite spot to sit is behind you on the couch, on your shoulders, like a cat!  He had a trainer come to the house when he was 3 months old and we continued the training until July.  We had to take a break for a while but will soon be working with her again.  Farnsley is very smart and learns quickly.  That doesn’t mean that he always does what he is supposed to do though.  He behaves really well when treats are involved!  We love how he poses for pictures and how expressive his eyes are.  Everyone thinks Farnsley is so cute and we are so glad that we chose him to be ours!

Farnsley has a trainer coming to the house once a week and is doing really well with his training!  He is sleeping through the night (the past 4 nights at least).  He now has his own Instagram page, Fun With Farnsley. We just love him and are so thankful that he is ours! “

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