“Eddie is an amazing puppy. He has truly become part of our family! He loves to play with other dogs! He loves splashing around in sprinklers and occasionally his water bowl. He loves meeting new people. He loves to chew on his bully sticks and prefers the hard floor to any type of bed! Haha. He loves food. He loves his hyper pet frisbee. And he prefers the cat’s toys to his. Except his lamb. He definitely loves his lamb.
His training is unbelievable. I hired an in home trainer and we started at 9 weeks and just had our last of 5 sessions at 16 weeks. He is potty trained and crate trained and has been for a while. He sits. He knows down. He loose leash walks. He comes. He stays. He waits. He “parks it”. He knows how to ask for permission to get on The couch and he knows what off means when it’s time to get off. He’s the best.
Eddie knows when it’s bed time. He seems to always know when it’s the last chance to potty and he knows the next step is upstairs to bed:). He lays on the cool bathroom floor until I say “ Eddie, time to go night night” and then he jumps up and walks eagerly into his crate! He sleeps like a teenage boy!
Some of the ways I socialize him are at puppy play time at Petco, in my neighborhood dog park ( just recently), at the coffee shop, on restaurant patios when allowed, at my yoga studio, and when I’m driving my 8th grader and 10th grader all over town. We also still ring the doorbell and run the vacuum and all those types of things but it’s so interesting how this process works. He had never seen an electric scooter before or anything like that and there was one parked in our neighborhood. We went on a walk and he was really afraid of it at first. It took him a while to get close. I never would have thought to introduce him to a parked scooter:)
Soccer games start soon and that’s the next step for us!! 😀
I don’t have training videos yet to show off skills but we will work on That and try to send one soon!
Thanks for all your support. We love him to pieces and he is just the smartest and sweetest dog ever!!! ” – Tisha

Edward “Eddie” is a black and white bi-color male aussiedoodle. He has a perfect white collar, white paws, and a big white chest.  His white markings on his face and little tail are so adorable! We think he will look like his older sisters Lexi or Sophie as he gets older. Congratulations to Tisha, Maggie and Alex in Colorado.

7 weeks old


6 weeks old


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