“Well, we fall more in love with Bailey every day!  She is still getting up once during the night and then waking really early, but I know that is because we do go to bed early. I am use to waking around 5:00, so 4:00 isn’t that different. She takes some long naps, early, so I try to get one in, as well, before I have to start working. 

She is doing great in the crate and the playpen in my office!!  Potty training is still a work in progress, but she does go every time we take her out. 
We try to take her out every twenty minutes, more if she eats, or drinks a lot. The silly girl gets a drink every time she moves and loves to sleep beside her water bowl. She loves being outside, except in the middle of the day when it’s so hot! She loves to run, and roll, in the grass and does this adorable dive onto her belly , with her feet straight out back.   I could go on and on about all of the adorable things she does (chasing a cricket now), but I’m sure you hear a lot of things that these adorable puppies do. 
So far, she is everything we have heard awesome doodles are and more!!!

Bailey is an adorable black bi-color female aussiedoodle.  She has perfect markings , with tons of white everywhere.  We can’t wait to see her grow and get fluffy.  Congratulations to Teresa in Texas.

groomed aussie poo

7 weeks old

6 weeks old


5 weeks old


4 weeks old


3 weeks old

2 weeks old