“We got him yesterday and he did great on the drive home.  He fussed a bit at first but calmed down and slept in my lap most of the time.  He’s definitely a talker and wasn’t thrilled to be in his crate last night.  He only fussed a few minutes though each time we put him back after his trips outside.   We didn’t have much time during the evening to get him used to the crate, so hopefully we can get him some more time in it today that’s less stressful.He’s such a good puppy though!

As for potty training – he’s doing really well so far.  We are getting him outside a lot :)
It’s definitely like having a newborn again, but we are all so thrilled to have him!  I’ll send some pictures as well – just need to get them off of my phone!
Thanks for all of this information!  So useful!”

Ziggy is a black tri color male AussieDoodle. He will look just like Oreo when he gets bigger.  Congratulations to Margaret and Jeffrey in North Carolina.

6 weeks old

5 weeks old


4 weeks old


3 weeks old


2 weeks old