“Thank you so much for the email and the links. All this information is so helpful to a first-time dog owner like me!

Pippin is doing really well at home! He already understands that going outside in the grass means to go potty right away. When he is finished, he walks over to the back door and sits! He’s also doing a great job of not jumping and not biting. He’s been taking lots of naps on our cool tile kitchen floor, so we ordered him a cooling mat for his crate. He’s been eating and drinking water like a champ.”

Pippin is a black tuxedo aussiedoodle male.  He’s got a cute little bit of white on his chin and chest and a little on his paws too.  He also has some copper coming out on his legs! His fur is so silky and soft and we can’t wait to see him get fluffy!  Congratulations to Ali and Caleb in Texas.


7 weeks old

6 weeks old


5 weeks old


4 weeks old

3 weeks old


2 weeks old