Denver just had a check up and he’s doing great. He’s now 11.6 lbs. almost a 4 lb gain since we got him 3 weeks ago. He’s learned his name, come, sit, down and “out of the kitchen”. We’re working on stay and waiting for his food bowl until I say so. He’s really good on the leash (we use a harness) and he’s a champ in the car. Just lays down and starts to snooze. He’s potty trained with #2, but still needs a little work on peeing. He’s great in the crate at night. I still get a wake up call 4am ish. But he goes right back to bed after a trip outside. So far he’s only destroyed toys – but I’ve raised many a puppy and I don’t expect to get out of his chewing phase Scott free. My older dog makes sure he gets plenty of exercise. Plus she’s teaching him really good manners. He’s learned to have a soft mouth with us with only the occasional enthusiastic nip. He’s kinda perfect. 

He’s also great at parties. Which is important in our house. He doesn’t try to steal food or get too crazy. Honestly, I’ve never had such an easy puppy. 

Denver is a black tri color male AussieDoodle. Half of his face will look like Oreo and the other half will look like Rufus. It’s hard to tell now but that white face is going to be super cute!  Congratulations to Rachael and Michael in California.


7 weeks old

6 weeks old


5 weeks old


4 weeks old


3 weeks old

2 weeks old