“Thunda is doing wonderful! At 12 weeks she’s just over 11 lbs and is doing very well with potty training. She sleeps through the night in her crate and can hold it for a max of 4 hours outside the crate. We are so happy with the progress she has made. She’s a champion with sit, down, come, and stay. She does really well with loose leash walking, but would much rather run. I took her on a mile walk the other day that turned into mommy getting a running workout. She is also a VERY talkative dog. Makes about 5 different noises and especially barks when she is super excited to see other dogs! We are working on controlling that a bit more, however. I’d like her to be able to do troll her impulses as she gets older so we are focusing on that more now.”

Thunda is a gorgeous blue merle girl!

Congrats to Kyle and Danielle in Massachusetts!

Here is Thunda after less than a week in her new home. Nice job, Danielle and Kyle.

7 weeks old.


6 weeks old.



5 weeks old.


4 weeks old.


3 weeks old


2 weeks old


1 week old