“Wilson is amazing! This week we worked a lot on eye contact, positive reinforcement for his name, trail walks and leash time. 

Every morning after I take my daughter to school, Wilson and I hit the trails at the town park. It’s very wooded with a creek and still lots of snow. We walk for about an hour so he gets plenty of exercise and lots of time to practice off leash commands. And he’s perfect! 
I fenced in a 20’x30′ area off my front door for easy outdoor potty training. That door has a bell and Wilson started using it to let me know he needs to go out. Potty training is going very good too! In that area we can play fetch in the afternoon to help him get ready for a calm evening. 
Indoors he is still in the kitchen with a bed and a crate and a training mat. He goes back and forth to the crate and bed when he’s there. At night he’s been sleeping from 10:30 to about 6:30. Some nights he needs out around 5:00 but not often. 
He’s in the car everyday. To the park, to the store, or to volleyball tournaments. This weekend we are in Watertown and he is the hit of the tournament again!  He plays with the girls between games, I take him out on his leash for potty breaks and during games he was in his crate next to the bench where he mostly slept! And it would get pretty exciting at times, but he was so good!!! The last game of the day today, he sat with my friend on his blanket in her lap or next to her and just watched the game. Literally everyone remarks about how cute, perfect, well behaved, smart he is.
I haven’t experienced any crazy puppy nights this week. Some grabbing at pant legs but he “leaves it” quickly in return for a toy or treat. Yelping helps with finger/hand chewing and having something else to offer.
The coach taught him to roll over today in about 15 minutes while I was tending to a players injury. Like I said before, he’s perfect! Keep sending the training videos, we’re eating them up! 

“He’s absolutely perfect!!! We are in love!” ❤

“He had a long travel day but settled in with us very well. He slept in his crate last night and woke up every 2.5 hours to go out for potty breaks. He slept uninterrupted from 5-10 am with me so I’m perfectly happy!  

 He’s eating his food and drinking. His training sessions are remarkable and have been amazing to allow the cats to get used to him. 
He’s discovered one of his beds in the kitchen and is napping now while I do housework. 
Congrats to Jennifer R and her family.

Wilson finally at home with his new family.