“Hurley is AWESOME, no pun intended, we are all so excited to have him home and part of our daily life. Things are going surprisingly well and now I truly understand what “puppy crazytime” truly means. = ) they seriously just lose their mind.¬†

Thanks to EVERYONE in the AwesomeDoodle family for bringing¬†Hurley to us we are extremely grateful!”


UPDATE: Hi AwesomeDoodle Team:

Hurley will be officially 4 months old this weekend and his growth over the last month and a half has been amazing!! He currently weighs almost 12 pounds since coming to us at 4lbs 9oz and is a little under 13 inches tall. He is definitely a mama’s boy and is settling down nice in our daily and nightly routines all except for day crate time when we have to get out and about without him. We are still working daily to minimize the separation anxiety of that which the videos and online articles are such a greate reference and help when at times I feel like we have to start all over again with the basics.

He is doing so amazing with potty training I would say any type of accidents he is still having is because we have missed one of his queues that he needs to go out so that one is on us. = ) Nights are also going well with Hurley sleeping approximately 7 hours straight without needing to go out. From a training perspective we are currently enrolled in a puppy preschool program weekly with other puppies his age and will be adding a second course for puppy agility. Hurley insists on leaping and jumping over everything so I think he will really enjoy that and it should make him pretty tired. Daily we ask for Hurley to offer calm behaviors with either sitting or laying down before we do just about anything give him food, coming inside after potting, going for a walk, coming back for a walk, getting out of his crate. He knows his name well and typically comes and touches our hand when called. We are also working on fetching.

Given he is still a puppy, he still has puppy crazy times so we just let him go crazy and we are working on not having him jump up on people when they come over but most times he just can’t help himself. He is so excited to see new people so we will continue to work on that!

We cannot imagine our day to day lives without Hurley we love him dearly!!


Congrats to Stephanie, John, Sophie and Lillian!





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