“Kona is such a joy to me, my family, friends, and anyone she meets when we are out. She is now 2 years and 6 months.

Since we got her at 8 weeks we started right away with basic training and services dog training. She picked up on a lot of the service dog training on her own and from our older dog. She is definitely a natural with wanting to make sure I am okay and staying by my side from doctor appointments, lab draws, procedures, and surgeries. She’s my great little service dog. And not just for me she like to make sure others are okay when she isn’t working. I get calls from friends and family when they have a bad day asking to come play with Kona.

I am truly grateful for everyone who makes AwesomeDoodle happen and for Kona. I can’t express the amount of love I have for Kona! With how bad my health got naturally my mental health started struggling too. Kona was the biggest part on helping my health get better as she would lay with me, go get my parents when something was wrong, make me feel more comfortable while having a medical procedure, and man I have to laugh about 15 times a day because of her ! Once again I am truly grateful!! My mom and I have both agreed that we both would want another AwesomeDoodle because of Kona!”
– Noella

Kona is a Black and Copper Phantom AussieDoodle with lots of rich copper. She has cute little copper eye brows. Congrats to Noella and Janine in Arizona.

7 weeks old


6 weeks old


5 weeks old


4 weeks old


3 weeks old


2 weeks old


1 week old