Beyla, the Blue Merle AussieDoodle Puppy at 7 weeks old.


Karen and Dean with their new Blue Merle AussieDoodle Beyla, headed to her forever home.

“What a little love our Beyla is! She’s such a happy and healthy little pup – and the transition from her home in Louisville with her mom, Winnie, and her tumble of litter mates, has been so much easier than we expected. We’re grateful to Tom for all he did to ensure that – showering her with so much love and attention. All the training they did with her, has made our lives so much easier. By following the same training techniques that AweomseDoodle does, and rewarding the same positive behaviors that they do, it helped Beyla adjust to us quicker.

Our last pet was a wonderful Labradoodle, and we initially inquired about getting an aussiedoodle from the same breeder. I continued to research other breeders, though, and found AwesomeDoodle’s website. After I called and talked to Tom there was no doubt in our minds that, no matter how long we had to wait, our next pup would be an AwesomeDoodle. I can’t imagine ever getting a pup from another breeder! What impressed us so much was how open and transparent the whole process was (sadly lacking with many breeders) and the fact that the pups are born and raised right in Tom’s home – in a bedroom turned “Puppy Room”. Winnie, Beyla’s mama, is their family pet. Their love of what they do shines through. Beware the 24/7 puppycam, though – I got nothing done except watching the puppies from the moment they were born! Tom also sent weekly videos and extra photos. What an important gift all of that was – allowing us to bond with Beyla before we even held her! And each time we’ve had a concern or question, both before and after bringing Beyla home, Tom has been prompt in providing a helpful, detailed response. 

We’ve had Beyla home for almost two weeks now and are thrilled that Tom is providing a series of training videos to help us continue the good work he started. Beyla sits and waits patiently for treats, makes eye contact, has learned her name, how to “touch” and “get in bed”. She is also happy in her crates (one in the kitchen and one beside our bed upstairs) and is doing really well with learning to potty outside. All this at a mere 9 weeks. What we know for sure so far is that AWESOME- Doodles are wicked smart!

Thank you, Tom, for your passion for being the best, most loving and ethical aussiedoodles breeders ever. You are just like your Doodles – AWESOME!!!!”

Karen & Dean

A week later, from Karen:

“I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to come in the back door, see Beyla snug in her crate and staying there, quiet and content, while I put things away, go to the bathroom, or just have a quiet moment to myself. Then, when I’m ready, I let her out, let her stretch, give her a good rub and then take her outside. It is pure heaven!!! I swear, if she could only do one thing, this is the thing I’d want her to do. As luck would have it, though, she does this and soooo many other wonderful things. It’s amazing to see how much she loves to please us. Wow. Wow. Wow!”

Beyla6weeks2 Beyla at 7 weeks old


beyla1 Beyla at two weeks old.