Griffin is an absolute dream — sweet, cuddly, loving, smart, content. He likes his crate, something that impressed the vet and certainly pleases me. Last night he slept well in it next to me, getting up twice to potty, then back to sleep. Tonight he went to bed without a peep. He napped there today, walking in on his own and lying down.

He realized right away that I’m his mama, and he’s attached already. And what a little cuddler he is! His favorite way to sit with me is on my shoulders and neck, just crawls up there and wraps himself around me, then lays his face against mine. I wondered if he did that with Mike’s kids. Cutest thing ever and totally melts me.”

Griffin is a high contrast blue merle male aussiedoodle. He has tons of white and different shades of gray and black merle. He has an adorable black patch on his left eye! We think he will look a lot like his older brothers Dexter or Toby as he gets older. Congratulations to Sherry and Tom in Alabama.

7 weeks old

6 weeks old


5 weeks old

4 weeks old

3 weeks old

2 weeks old