What was your experience like finding AwesomeDoodle?
When we finally decided that it was the right time to get a puppy, we knew we wanted a doodle of some sort. We looked at a ton of different breeders, but we always came across the same issues. The websites were outdated or glitchy, the breeders were either unresponsive or didn’t respond quickly enough, the breeders required nonrefundable deposits, or the waitlists were 1-2 years long. One day while we were searching for different doodle breeds on Google, the AwesomeDoodle website came up and we were intrigued by the name. The website was way nicer and more informative than the other breeders’ websites, and we received a response very quickly. We’re really glad you asked us questions and made sure we were a good fit for an AussieDoodle. We didn’t want to get a puppy from a breeder who was just handing puppies out to any paying customer.
What was your experience like once you signed up and then chose a puppy?
We signed up around December 2017 and received 3 puppy pick emails before we finally picked Kip on February 4, 2018. We loved all of the updates and puppy prep emails from AwesomeDoodle. My boyfriend (Chris) had a dog when he was younger but I’m a first-time dog owner, so I made sure to read all of the articles on the website and watch the AwesomeDoodle training videos. The weekly photos, Youtube videos, and puppycam were a huge, huge plus. 8 weeks seems like an eternity when you’re waiting for your fluffy bundle of joy, but the AwesomeDoodle experience made the wait much easier. I loved watching little Kip grow from 2 weeks old to 7 weeks old. Sometimes my coworkers and I would watch the puppycam together at work! After we brought Kip home, Courtney’s training emails were very useful and really helped to keep us sane. She was responsive to all of our questions about crate training, potty training, biting, etc. I’m honestly not sure if we ever want to purchase a dog from another breeder :)

Tell us about Kip already! 😉
Kip is a mischievous little smartypants. Our trainers are super impressed with how quickly he learns new tricks and how easy he is to train. Kip is smart and he knows not to play with shoes on the rack or pull items from the table. However, if we accidentally leave shoes/towels/socks on the floor, Kip will wait until we’re not looking and play with them like toys. I guess that gives us extra motivation to be tidy…
Kip is a super food-motivated puppy. If there are treats involved, Kip’s eyes are on you and he will be on his absolute best behavior. Kip. loves. food.
He also loves people. Every time someone walks by him, he gives them that puppy-dog stare in hopes of getting any sort of attention. He loves going to daycare to play with his furry friends. We’ll hand him to the daycare staff and he’ll literally run inside without looking back at us. Kip is also an adventure dog. At 6 months old, he’s been to Los Angeles, D.C., Monterey/Carmel, Stanislaus National Forest, and numerous beaches.
He does have his fair share of dislikes. Kip really dislikes the vacuum cleaner and actually once piddled in our apartment because he was so scared. We’re working with our trainer to help him feel more comfortable around it. He also dislikes getting his teeth brushed, ocean waves, the Swiffer Sweeper, Taste of the Wild kibble (haha), and a certain Bernedoodle in our building who obnoxiously barks at anything with 4 legs.
We love our little guy and we can’t imagine life without him! We look forward to sharing many more adventures together. Thank you AwesomeDoodle for bringing Kip into our life!

Kip is a tuxedo male aussiedoodle. Congratulations to Chris and Helen in California.


“These past 7 weeks have really flown by. Kip has gotten so much fluffier/bigger since the day we brought him home and he has the cutest little personality. Kip loves playing fetch on the beach, playing with his furry friends at puppy socials, relaxing at dog-friendly beer gardens, and getting belly rubs from everyone he meets. He dislikes baths, the ocean, the vacuum cleaner, and not being able to say hi to every single dog/person he meets. Since Kip was 10 weeks old, we’ve made sure to socialize him by bringing him to puppy socials, setting up play dates with our friends’ dogs, enrolling him in puppy classes, introducing him to human friends, and taking him EVERYWHERE we can. We recently brought him on a trip to D.C. and started bringing him to doggy daycare as well. Kip is a star student in his puppy classes. He nails almost everything on the first try (thanks Awesome Doodle for giving him a head start). He also figured out how to open the latch on his play pen so we had to figure out a workaround. Kip is doing really well with training. He knows sit, stay, down, come, fetch, crate, and leave it. We are still working on “drop it,” separation anxiety, and extreme recall, so we’re working with a professional dog trainer. We are very impressed with what Kip is capable of at 17 weeks old.

We love our rambunctious little Kip and are so glad he’s a part of our family. We look forward to taking him on many more trips and adventures.”

7 weeks old

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