“We had a great night last night! He never whimpered once! Slept in his travel crate right next to me. Jim is an early riser (5ish) , so he scooped him up and had a couple of hours of bonding time all to himself this morning! He’s eating great! Peeing and pooping outside, for the most part! We take him out ALOT to the same spot! I think he’s getting it:)  . He loves sleeping in the bed that y’all sent! We are so happy with him!!!! We think he likes us too.  We just got back from the post office and cleaners, about a 20-25 min. Outing. He was in my lap but whined a little.

You guys did a terrific job of making the transition from your home to mine as easy as possible! Thanks for being patient with us as we worked the kinks out! It’s obvious you have the puppies best interest at heart!”

My best,

Congrats to Lisa W in Mississippi.