“Made it back to St. Louis! Drive was pretty smooth. 2 potty breaks, no car sickness, and no accidents. After a few challenging nights, last night was much better.  Easton has a lot of energy and I think we just weren’t getting him tired enough.  We played with him in the backyard to the point of exhaustion and then some – we even just walked in circles around the backyard for a while and he followed us around the whole time.  By the time it was bedtime, he went in his crate (somewhat reluctantly), whined for about a minute and then passed out for about 6 hours.  Even then he just rustled around a bit then sat quietly waiting for me to get him out.  His whining has decreased significantly and we’re just working diligently on getting him to like his crate and getting him very tired.  He’s an active little pup so we’re making sure to play with him accordingly!  He’s such a sweet, good boy otherwise.  Definitely responds well to the clicker and sits and lays calmly, accepting treats gladly when he does!  Here’s some pictures of him loving the backyard and all his toys, and hanging out with his dog buddy Nash”

Lauren and Eitan

Congrats to Lauren and Eitan

Easton at 8 weeks old




Easton Easton6weeks