“Our lives changed forever last week (in an absolutely positive way). We drove to pick up Noodle from Diane and Morgan in Louisville. The plan wasn’t exactly to do the whole trip there and back in a day (850miles) but since Noodle was pretty much a star (just one accident when we couldn’t stop passing through the mountains) we decided to drive all the way home. Initially at the start he was whining so I opened the crate door (I sat in the back the whole way) and he would spend a little time in the crate with his bully stick (life saver) and part of the time sprawled across my lap (I was in heaven).”

Noodle is a blue merle boy. Wow, a full white collar all the way around. His black patches around his eyes will be stunning as he grows. He looks like a classic blue mere Aussie. We love him. Whoever gets Noodle will be the center of attention where ever they go.

Congrats to Robbie and Emma on this exceptional boy.

7 weeks old

6 weeks old

5 weeks old

4 weeks old

3 weeks old

5 days old.


2 days old.