“I am happy to say that after the first 2 days of not eating much and look oh so sad ( it broke our heart to see him like that!) Asterix is doing very well, had his first visit with vet last week and is at 5 lbs. His potty training  is going well with just few accidents and has a collar and was doing well with the leash until yesterday when he has started to bite at it and also started to growl and pant biting – am watching your videos to understand what to do.  He is very good at siting when asked. Thanks for all your support, he is such a good boy and of coarse everybody loves him like nuts.”

Asterix is a black and white bi-color AussieDoodle, with hints of copper. He looks just like an Aussie!

Super cute little guy.

Congrats to Dimple, Mukesh, and family.

6 weeks old.






5 weeks old.




4 weeks old.




3 weeks old




2 weeks old.