Things are going well. Blu is almost sleeping though the night. Last night from 10pm – 5.45 am. On occasion she does wakes up once to go to outside. It’s improved every night up until last night which was amazing.
She whimpers in the car when she needs to go to the bathroom. When she is with me down stairs in my office she whimpers to let me know also.
When we get ready to go to bed at night she goes into her kennel by herself.
She is extremely patient in stores and car. She just sits or lays there.
We had a trainer here last Saturday and we got some homework. We are working on:
Sit – knows
Here – knows, most times
Platz – knows
Eye contact – knows
Down – lay in her bed – working on
Kennel – go in her house – most times
She is such an awesome dog. She loves running around with us when we are on our property. She hops and runs in the leaves.
We are working on her nipping and biting. Sometimes better and sometimes there is no stopping.
It’s hard when she jumps and bites on my daughters. It’s not easy for them to immediately know what to do. I am there to guard.” – Karin

Blu is a female Blue Merle AussieDoodle. She will turn heads with her classic Blue Merle look. Her cute face is sprinkled in soft copper points. She will look like Howard when she gets bigger.

Congrats to Karin and Davide for this gorgeous girl!

7 weeks old

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