Via X Charley

Leah’s F1b Via X Charley AussieDoodle Puppies in Ft Wayne, IN.

Born August 14th, 2020. (10-15lbs lbs)

f1b aussiedoodle puppies

Via is one of our small AussieDoodle mamas. Her puppies with Charley should all be around 12-15 lbs and have curly F1b coats with no shedding. Via loves to leap, fetch, and chase. She is a very agile, clever, and independent (but affectionate) dog, that plays hard and crashes hard. She loves her puppies and also her sister Pixel’s babies.

Charley is the new guy in town and we can’t wait to see his gorgeous pups. They will look similar to some of Rocket’s doodles.

Via is a great mom and with her puppies being raised by Leah, these are some of the sweetest family raised AussieDoodle puppies you can get.

Via’s Puppies in the Nursery:

Via puppy cam will be up until 6 weeks old


Congratulations to Meredith from Versailles, KY on her new baby girl! Coco is toy size F1b Aussiedoodle puppy.  She is a black phantom female with a big white splash down her chest. We think she will look similar to Diesel, only she will have more curl in her coat. Such a perfect little peanut! [read more]


Congrats to Robyn from South Orange, NJ on their new doodle boy! Benson is toy size F1b Aussiedoodle puppy. He has a silky black coat with a full white under belly. We love his white mustache! We expect him to be a little extra curly, and look a lot like this cutie Molly. This little pup can’t wait to be your new best bud! [read more]