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Sugar X Humphrey 3-5-2020

Tom’s Sugar Baby X Humphrey in Louisville, KY.

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If you’ve been following AwesomeDoodle for some time, you already know about Sugar Bear’s puppies. Her puppies are high in demand, simply because of what past puppy owners have said. If you want a mini Aussie Doodle who has Standard Size AussieDoodle abilities, Sugar is your girl. Her puppies are doggie disc stars, ball fetchers, and go anywhere, do anything dogs. If you watch Sugar’s video here, you might just fall in love with her.

Tom is raising this litter in Louisville, KY.

Puppy owners can log in to see food, vet records, crate size and more details on this litter.

Sugar’s Puppies in the Nursery:


Congratulations to Kim and her family from Franklin, TN on their new sweetie! Koko is a female Apricot AussieDoodle puppy with such a striking golden colored coat. Her coat color is rare in our AussieDoodle world, only a few of our special Aussie moms can produce it. We love the big white patch on her forehead, it is just darling. She will look just like her half sister Windy and is almost a twin of her litter mate Bunny. She is just irresistible! [read more]


Congratulations to Christine from Greenville, IN! Ivy is a female Apricot AussieDoodle puppy.  Her beautiful and bright coat color is rare in our AussieDoodle world and we just adore it! We love her white muzzle and the large white splash on her chest. Plus she has that cute white spot on her head, what a cutie! She looks just like her half sister Windy.  Such a pretty little golden girl! [read more]


Congrats to Traci in North Carolina on her new gal Phyrne! This is Traci’s second AwesomeDoodle! Phryne is a phantom blue merle female AussieDoodle puppy with vibrant copper points and a gorgeous merle patterned coat. We love the little white patch on her chest and forehead and her adorable little white tipped paws. She looks similar to her half brother Nest.  Such a little sweetie-pie! [read more]


Congrats to Katie from Beulah, MI on her new little peanut Roger! Roger is a phantom blue merle male AussieDoodle puppy with strong copper markings that we love with Humphrey puppies. He has a nice white patch on his chest which makes him look like a proper little doodle boy! We think he will look a lot like his half brother Huckleberry Finn as he gets bigger. He is such a handsome little guy! [read more]


Sally has been adopted by Roberta from Minneapolis, MN! Congrats to Roberta! Scarlett is a black phantom female AussieDoodle puppy with bright copper marking and cute little white tipped toes. She looks just like her older brother Tripp, and how cute is he?!  She is such a little lovebug! [read more]


Congratulations to John and Lee, and their children Dan and Eva from Greenwich, CT on their new doodle boy! Axel is a black phantom male AussieDoodle puppy with rich copper markings from his cheeks to his toes! We think he will look a lot like his big bro Chase as he grows and gets curly. He one charming little fella! [read more]