Mike’s Pumpkin X Champ in Columbus, OH. Born May 1st, 2020 (10-20lbs)

Toy Mini blue merle AussieDoodles

Pumpkin’s personality is bubbly. She’s always happy to see you, always ready to snuggle. When you get home, Pumpkin is patiently waiting and tries to contain her excitement, as she hopes she is the first thing you touch. I wouldn’t call Pumpkin a “velcro” dog, but she’s never far away. She rarely barks, she doesn’t chew up anything, and she is not a digger. She is about 20lbs, so we expect Pumpkin’s puppies to be in the 20lb range and sweeter than ever. Pumpkin’s sister is Juno, another well loved AussieDoodle momma.

Champ’s puppies are new this year and are wildly popular! His little doodles are sweet and petite. Check out his past puppies here. We call him “little champy” and he comes to us without even thinking about it. At mike family aussiedoodlesMike’s house, he has four human brothers and sisters and loves them all, even Mike’s 2 year old son. If you’re looking for a portable, loyal pal, consider a Champ puppy.

Mike and his family will be raising this litter in Columbus, OH.

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Pumpkin’s Puppies in the Nursery:

Burt Romano

Congrats to Audrey and Nicholas from New Jersey on their new little dude! Burt Romano is a red merle male mini Aussiedoodle puppy with a cute white hourglass on his head.  As he grows and gets fluffier we think he will look a lot like his half brother Romeo. He is one handsome doodle boy! [read more]


Congratulations to Susan and Van from Georgia on their new doodle boy! Leo is a black bi colored male Aussiedoodle puppy with white trim on his belly, chest, and legs. We love the white on his. As he grows out his curls we think he will look a lot like his half sister Ziggy. What a stunning little lad! [read more]


Congrats to Rhona and David from New Jersey on their new little gal! Iris is a black bi colored female Aussiedoodle puppy with beautiful white on her collar, chest, and paws.  We think she will look a lot like her half sister Zoe as she grows out her curls. What a pretty little peanut! [read more]


Bokah will be joining Anadel and Josh in Texas, Congratulations! Bokeh is a red bi female Aussiedoodle puppy with a cute little white muzzle. We love her white mitts and white tipped tail! We think she will look a lot like her half brother Danny and she gets fluffier.  What a delightful little doodle gal! [read more]


Brian and Carolyn from Florida will be taking home Halo, congratulations! Halo is a blue merle female mini Aussiedoodle puppy with a full white collar. We think she will look a lot like her big sis Cleo as she grows and gets fluffier. She is puppy perfection! [read more]