Midge X Max

Tammy’s Midge X Max F1b MINI BerneDoodles near Sioux falls, SD.
Born Sept 26th (15-30 lbs) Puppy Picks start Oct 8th

Midge is an f1 mni Bernedoodle. She is a very submissive, sweet and calm dog. She will follow you everywhere, just trots happily behind you! She has a “I have all the time in the world” vibe about her, just very easy going.

This is Max’s first Sired litter! He is a miniature poodle with very unique color and markings. He is a quite the lover boy, and very much a velcro dog. Together, their pups should be very mild, easy breezy doodle dogs that will be easy to take anywhere.

This litter will be raised by Tammy in Sioux Falls, SD.

Puppy owners can log in to see food, vet records, crate size and more details on this litter.

Midge’s Current Puppies in the Nursery:

Midge puppy cam will be up until 6 weeks old


This darling is a sable colored female F1b mini BerneDoodle puppy. Sable puppies are typically black with brown tips and you can see this beautiful variation in her coat. We have not had many sable colored pups at AwesomeDoodle, but she is a little mini me version of her mamma Midgie! She even has the same  white tuft on her chest. [read more]


This blonde babe is female F1b mini BerneDoodle puppy. She has a beautiful golden colored coat with cute little white slice on her head and some white on her belly and paws. She will resemble Pete as she grows bigger. What a little beauty! [read more]

Kowalski (Wally)

This sweetie is a tri colored male F1b mini BerneDoodle puppy. He has copper coloring on his cheeks, eyebrows and under his little tail. He is parti doodle  giving him that beautiful mostly white coat with the fun black patchwork throughout. We like his nice broad white blaze. He will resemble Scarlett, only we expect he will be curlier. [read more]


This handsome boy is a male F1b mini BerneDoodle puppy. He is a black bi colored puppy, with a double mask and a cute swirly blaze on his head. He has faint spotting starting on his paws and legs and they may develop into deeper markings like his sire Max. We think he will look similar to Luma, only in a smaller package. [read more]

Kodiak (Kodi)

This little man is a tri colored F1b mini BerneDoodle puppy. He looks just like his daddy Max! He has bright copper accents, a double masked face and a cute swirly blaze. We suspect he will develop even more spotting on this legs and body as he grows. His look will be similar to Scarlett, only likely curlier.  [read more]


This cutie is a male F1b mini BerneDoodle puppy. He has bright red accents on his face, we especialy love those vibrant eyebrow marks. He is parti doodle boy giving him that beautiful mostly white coat with the fun, random black spots throughout. His perfect white hourglass on his face is just adorable! He will look a lot like this Bernedoodle Max, only with bonus red highlights! [read more]