Libby x Rocket

Natalie’s Libby X Rocket F1 AussieDoodle Puppies near Dallas, TX.

Born July 27th, 2020. (25-45 lbs)

Libby is our standard size red merle beauty. She is very laid back and loves to be right by your side. She’d rather follow Natalie around all day. Libby’s puppies are great family dogs; they are loyal, attentive, and affectionate dogs.

Rocket is Natalie’s main man. His color genetics throw all different colors and patterns on his puppies. We can’t get enough of them! He loves to play ball and fetch.
He especially loves the boat and the lake. He can’t wait to get in the water and you can’t keep him out of it. Rocket is super laid back, super loving to all of his family and everyone that comes around and is extremely loyal. For a poodle, he loves to snuggle on the couch and is very affectionate.

Libby’s puppies will be raised near Dallas, TX with Natalie and her husband Kris.

Libby X Rocket F1 AussieDoodles

July 27th, 2020

Go home dates:
As early as Sept 14th by car, or Sept 21st by plane.  Must go home by Sept 28th.

Delivery options:

You can fly to Dallas, TX to pick up your puppy (we can meet you at the airport), or drive within 1 hour of Collinsville, TX.  Depending on where you live, there may also be ground or air delivery options for a fee. We are not coordinating puppy nannies for this litter due to limited flights and delays.

Estimated size full grown:
25-45 lbs

Libby’s Puppies in the Nursery:

Daisy Mae

Kevin from Prosper, TX gets to take sweet little Daisy Mae home! Daisy Mae is a black tri female mini Aussiedoodle puppy. She is quite a cutie with her thin little blaze, thick half collar, and soft copper bushes on her legs.  She reminds us of both brothers Lava and Chucky.  Such a remarkable little lady! [read more]


Bosley is going home with Marissa from East Yaphank , NY! Congrats! Bosley is a black tri male mini Aussiedoodle puppy. His copper is very bright and flashy. He has a thick full white collar and cute little hourglass marking on his head. We love all four white stockings and his tipped tail! As he gets bigger, we think he will look a lot like his handsome brother Arthur. What a lovable little doodle! [read more]


Ezra will be going home with Erin from Dallas, TX! Congrats! Ezra is a black tricolor male mini Aussiedoodle puppy. He has thick white collar and perfect wide blaze that greets it. He is accented with copper trim and has a cute white dipped tail. As he grows out his hair we think he will look a lot like his big sister Coco. What a stunning little buddy! [read more]


This cutie is going home with Darren from Albuquerque, NM! Murray is a phantom male mini Aussiedoodle puppy. He has deep copper points including those adorable copper eyebrows. As he grows we expect his muzzle to have more tan come through. We just love that little white chin! In his video you’ll see that his white chin extends to his chest with a big white stripe. He will look a lot like his big brother Artie as he grows out his floof. Such a handsome little fella! [read more]


Archie will be going home to Atherton, CA with Cherie! Congrats! Archie is a red tricolor male mini Aussiedoodle puppy. He has a big thick white collar like his mom that extends down his chest to his front legs. The vivid copper trim is visible on his eyebrows, sideburns and also a bit on the insides of his legs. We love his white muzzle and thin hourglass that reaches his collar. He is pretty special but he will look similar to his big brother Gunner. This guy is your [read more]


Congratulations to Jessica & Steven from Brooklyn, NY on her new little lady! Maple is a red tri-colored female mini Aussiedoodle puppy. She has a flashy big white collar and a broad white blaze that extends to it. All four of her paws and tip of her tail are white tipped. We love how she has the classic look but with a touch of unique markings on her smile line and the one leg where the copper extends. She is one glamorous little babe! [read more]


Congrats to Millie from Norfolk, VA on her new doodle boy! Shanti is a red merle male mini Aussiedoodle puppy. He has a thin white blaze, a full white collar and four white paws. We love his soft red merle speckle and his white tipped paws! As he grows out his fluff we think he will look a lot like his big sister Walnut. What an attractive young pup this boy is! [read more]


Congratulations on your new girl Danika from Benton City, WA!  Olive is a phantom blue merle female mini Aussiedoodle puppy. She has decorative copper markings and white patch on her chest. As she grows fluffier, we think he will look a lot like her big sis Charlotte, only a little lighter. Such a sweet little honey pie! [read more]


Congrats to Lianne from Brooklyn, NY on her new little dude! Hanks is a blue merle male mini AussieDoodle puppy. He has a nice white broad blaze and big white chest and almost full circle collar. We love his copper accents, especially those eyebrows! As he grows fluffier, we think he will look a lot like his older sister Winnie Mae. Such a charming little prince pup! [read more]