Natalie’s Annie X Rocket near Dallas, TX. Born April 30th, 2020. (25-45 lbs)

aussiedoodles in texas

Annie is a gorgeous blue merle Aussie with perfect markings and stunning blue eyes. She is considered a small standard, weighing about 45 lbs. She loves affection and being by your side, but she is not a velcro dog and can also venture off by herself and explore. Annie is just as comfortable snuggling up on the couch, as she is running and playing outside. If you want an affectionate dog who will play Frisbee, go hiking, swim, jog, camp, go boating… you name it, Annie is your girl.

Rocket is Natalie’s main man. We can’t get enough of Rocket puppies, they are so cute! Rocket loves the boat and the lake. He can’t wait to get in the water and you can’t keep him out of it. Rocket is super laid back, super loving to all of his family and everyone that comes around and is extremely loyal. For a poodle, he loves to snuggle on the couch and is very affectionate.

Kindel’s puppies will be raised near Dallas, TX with Natalie and her husband Kris.

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Annie’s Puppies in the Nursery:


Congrats to Sheri and Bryce from North Carolina on their new doodle boy! Hank is a blue merle male Aussiedoodle puppy with a big white belly and white aussie hourglass  on his cute little head. We think he will look a lot like his sis Tessa as he gets fluffier. He is puppy perfection! [read more]


Congratulations to Matt in South Carolina on his new little lady! Elsa is a red merle female Aussiedoodle puppy with a white muzzle and white belly. She looks similar to her siblings Walnut and Mia. She is such a sweetheart! [read more]


Congratulations to Pam and Scott from Michigan on their new furry best friend! Seger is a red merle male Aussiedoodle puppy with a white belly and white facial markings.  We think he will look a lot like his half brother Arnie as he grows bigger. He is one attractive little lad! [read more]


Congratulations to Holly and Chris from Texas on their baby Kobe! Kobe is a blue merle female Aussiedoodle puppy with a big white underside and little white feet. She reminds us of her sister Lilly. What a cute little babe! [read more]


Congrats to Kevin and Lisa from NH for choosing this sweetie! Nova is a blue merle female Aussiedoodle puppy with a big white collar. She has nice copper trim and a bite white blaze on her forehead. We think she will look a lot like her half sister Rogue. She is just darling! [read more]


Congratulations to Maria Elena and Carlos from Puerto Rico on this handsome guy! Archer is a phantom blue merle male Aussiedoodle puppy with catching merle speckles and strong copper trim. We love his skinny white stripe down his chest! He looks so much like his brother Bear, they are so cute!  Such a handsome little fella! [read more]


Lava will be joining Gabrielle and Perry in Michigan! Congrats to your family on your new boy! Lava is a black tri colored Aussiedoodle puppy with a very unique asymmetrical white pattern that we just adore. His copper is faint, but he does have bronze brushed cheeks and a little trim on his legs. He reminds us of Jaxon, who’s copper came out a little more as he grew. Such a precious little peanut! [read more]


This boy gets to go home to Lana in Wisconsin! Congrats to Lana! Boomer is a perfect black tri colored Aussiedoodle puppy. We love his copper accents, especially those eyebrows! He has a full white underside, points and blaze on his forehead. Don’t miss that cute white patch on the back of his neck! We think he will look a lot like his big bro Arthur. What stunning little guy! [read more]


Artie gets to go home with Erin and Chris in Massachusetts! Congratulations! Artie is black phantom Aussiedoodle puppy with decorative copper accents and a cute little white chin. We just love the little white stripe on his chest! We think he will look a lot like his big brother Rufus and he grows up. This little charmer is just irresistible! [read more]


Congrats to Beth and Brian from Ohio on their new puppy Niko! Niko is a beautiful solid red colored Aussiedoodle puppy.  We love the little white stripe on his chest, just precious! He think he will look just like his half brother Harrison and he grows out his fluffy red hair. What a lovable little buddy! [read more]