Anna Banana X Indy

Britt’s Anna X Indy F1 SheepaDoodles near Sioux City, IA.
Born August 9th (45-60 lbs)

Anna Banana is a happy, fun spirited Old English Sheepdog girl.sheepadoodles She loves to play and can be quite the goofball. She is smart, easy to train and so lovable. Her puppies with be bi colored like shown, but some will be merle!

Indy, our merle poodle, is the kind of dog that ANY family would love to have. He doesn’t bark too much, he is not protective, but will let you know when someone pulls into your drive way. He is a perfect all around dog, and we expect

his puppies to inherit his calm and collected demeanor.

Anna’s Sheepadoodle puppies with be raised in Sioux City, IA with Brittini and her family.

Anna’s Puppies in the Nursery:

Anna puppy cam will be up until around 6 weeks old

Kiki Bear

Congrats to Julie from Madison, NJ on her new sweat pea! Kiki Bear is a blue merle female Sheepadoodle puppy. She has a delicate merle marked coat with a precious single masked facial marking. We love her all white stockings and tip of her tail. As she grows bigger she will look similar to Izzy Blue. This little tail wagger can’t wait to be yours! [read more]


Cheryl from Orland Park, IL will be bringing this little babe home! Congratulations! Lucy is a blue merle female Sheepadoodle puppy. She has a small double eye covered mask and a gorgeous high contrasted merle marked coat. We love the soft tan shade mixed in. This is AwesomeDoodles first batch of merle Sheepadoodles, but we think she will look similar to this adult version of Izzy Blue. She is one little beauty queen! [read more]


Congratulations to Allyson from Seattle, WA on her new doodle boy! Bert is a black bi-colored male Sheepadoodle puppy. He has a handsome half masked face and a big white collar. He has so much desirable white on his coat it looks like he was just splashed with some decorative black here and there! She looks a lot like this cutie Winnie. Get ready, this pooch will be your new oversized lapdog! [read more]


Congrats to Megan from Nashville, TN on her new little lady! Pepper is a blue merle female Sheepadoodle puppy. She is just stunning with her thin single masked face and her zig zag merle pattern on her back. We love her little freckled muzzle! She will look similar to Zoey as she grows out her floof. Such a precious little puppy dog! [read more]