Allie X Gunner

Sally’s Allie X Gunner F1 AussieDoodles near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Born August 30th, 2020. (40-55 lbs)

Here comes some true standard sized Aussiedoodle pups! Allie is a beautiful red merle standard Aussie, with two blue eyes and very distinctive facial markings. Allie is a very smart and loyal pet. She shares a home with 3 cats! She loves all people and is great with other dogs. Swimming is one of her favorite activities! Or anything that Miss Sally wants to do.

aussiedoodle puppies in pittsburgh pennsylvania

Gunner is our handsome standard Poodle daddy. His pups are so cute and fluffy!

Sally raises Allie’s pups in a small town in eastern Ohio.

Allie’s Current Puppies in the Nursery:

Allie puppy cam will be up until 6 weeks old


This sweet boy is a red bi colored male AussieDoodle puppy. He has a rich chocolate coat with a thick white collar and a couple cute little white spots on his face. We love his four white stockings and his white dipped tail. He will look similar to this cutie Archie as he gets bigger. What a darling little doodle boy! [read more]


This stunning guy is a red merle male AussieDoodle puppy. He has vibrant copper markings and a gorgeous merle decorated coat. He has a thick white collar and a thin blaze on his forehead that connects to it. On his underside his white chin follows all the way to his back paws! He is absolutely stunning, we think he will grow up to look similar to his big brother Rufus. [read more]


This sweetie is a black tri colored female AussieDoodle puppy. She has deep copper accents, a big white belly, and a cute little white stripe on her head. She reminds us of her older sister Matcha. Such a little Cutie Patootie! [read more]


This little rascal is a black tri colored male AussieDoodle puppy. He has a beautiful broad white blaze, a big white chest and belly. His white collar is almost circular, and we love the big white patch on the back on his neck. All accented with some brushed copper eyebrows and side burns. As he grows out his fluff we think he will look a lot like his older sister Bailey. [read more]