“Smokey is growing to be such a fun, happy, healthy puppy at almost 7 months of age. He has completed two training classes, the basic and intermediate in which he did well and earned his certificates. Now that he has had a break and is through with his cone, we will get him signed up for the advanced training class.

He loves to fetch the tennis ball or the frisbee, wants to chase the squirrels  and basically go wherever we go. He is truly a “Velcro” dog and continues to amaze us with his intelligence and ability to problem solve.
Smokey is from the Patches and Rocket litter of eleven puppies born at the end of June 2019. He was in the smaller half of the litter, but at 6 1/2 months weighs just over 22 pounds so we expect his adult weight to be 28 to 30 pounds. He is very active but will also “chill” with his two septuagenarian “parents” when they need a break. He loves it when the grandkids come for a visit and will follow them anywhere.
We are so glad that we decided on AwesomeDoodle to find the just right pup for us. Tom, Natalie, Erin, Sharon and the rest of the AwesomeDoodle team were so wonderful in the selection process, the nursery cam, the delivery when we picked up Smokey from Natalie and got to meet Patches. Tom and this team answered every question we had and helped us get Smokey settled in. We cannot say enough about how happy we are with our decision to go with AwesomeDoodle and how happy we are with Smokey, our awesome AussieDoodle.️” – Austin and Sarah

Smokey is a male blue merle AussieDoodle with hints of copper and a little white chest. He will look like Casey when he grows up. Congrats to Austin and Sarah.


7 weeks old


6 weeks old


5 weeks old

4 weeks old


3 weeks old


2 weeks old