Sharon, I have tried a few of the things you suggested and have had a good response. Especially with the playpen. It’s like a light just flipped, and he is finally playing and even sleeping a little in there. Thank you so much for all your help. Below is a full update. 
13 Weeks: Alfie is doing great! He has had his 3rd round of shots and is already weighing in at 9.2 pounds! Alfie is growing so fast that I see a little bit of difference every day. His legs keep getting longer, and about the time he figures out how to control them, they grow a bit more, making him a little clumsy. I think he is going to be a little bigger than expected, but that just means more to love. ️
This week has been a total turn around for puppy crazy time, maybe just a phase, but it’s been awesome. Alfie has become a lot calmer, more patient, and his biting has become more of a nibble that is much easier to distract and refocus. Alfie is a little smarty pants which is why we are signed up and will be starting puppy classes this week. I feel we have the basics down pretty well with sit, focus, lay down, come when called, etc. But by no means are either one of us perfect or an expert. I am so excited to start these classes for a little challenge and to help us both with consistency, control, distractions, a little stubbornness, and anything else we can learn to help each other better.    
I also have to brag on him for his potty training (knock on wood). Alfie has been home now for six weeks and has not had an accident in over three weeks. The bells are a carpet saver!
After reading this back, I feel like one of those social media moms that only share the good and not the bad. Then you think we have a perfect life with no problems, not the case. We have had our share of challenges and difficulties and still do daily. Alfie always finds new ways to test me. My arms have looked like I ran through a briar patch, I haven’t been able to leave a room for longer than 10 minutes, and he scavenges for all things edible or not both inside and out. It turns out to be all things you have tried to prepare us for all along. You don’t realize the significance till you bring that sweet little puppy home and find out for yourself. 
All this said, the good definitely outweighs the challenges you face, which I’m not through with, yet, I am already trying to figure out what’s the right age to get Alfie an AwesomeDoodle sibling!?! 
Thanks for all your tips, tricks, and check-ins. It’s great to hear from someone that has been through it TWICE and understands the struggles and challenges we face. – Jessica

Alfie is a Red Merle male AussieDoodle. He’s got rich chocolate markings and hints of copper in his coat. His chest and belly are white, and there’s the cutest touch of white above his muzzle. He will look a lot like Marlowe when he gets bigger. Congratulations to Jessica and Dewayne on this handsome boy!


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